Spectator Information

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, this year’s Frazier Mountain Rally is a non-spectator event.

Due to the resources required to facilitate safe spectating and our ironclad commitment to ensuring that this first-time event is a success, the organizers made the difficult decision to forego providing spectating opportunities on the stages this year. We hope to include spectators in the future, as we understand the allure of experiencing this kind of event first-hand and love to share our passion for rally.

If you are local to the area, please consider coming to the Gorman Ridge Rally on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. Based in Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation (literally next door), there are many opportunities to spectate stages, meet the drivers, and see the cars close up. More details about the Gorman Ridge Rally will be posted on that site in June. [Gorman Ridge Rally website]

It’s still possible to get involved with the Frazier Mountain Rally – consider volunteering. Working a control, helping out with technical inspection, or providing a blockage is often the best way to see rally action up close and personal. Volunteers receive a souvenir and lunch.

More Information about Volunteering.

Thank you for your support!