Thank you for your interest in the Frazier Mountain Rally! We welcome the opportunity to work with media partners to cover this first-time event and highlight its positive impact on the local community.

News Media

If you are registered news media on documented assignment, please note the guidelines below, then contact our Media Liaison via the Media Credentials Request form (link at bottom).

Freelance Rally Photographers

Due to the terms of the USFS special use permit and event logistics, the freedom of access that freelance rally photographers may enjoy at other events is not possible at the Frazier Mountain Rally. Only official event photographers will be allowed access on the stages to cover the event and the results of such photography are limited to personal or event promotional use (the rally’s special use permit does not allow the reselling of photographs taken at the event).

Media who are not on news assignment and who are not covered by our permit, but who wish to independently photograph the event, may contact the Mt. Pinos Ranger District directly to arrange their own filming permit.  Such members of the media will still be required to register with the event’s Media Liaison and will be subject to the appropriate terms below. Typically, the USFS permit costs $200.00 and requires proof of a $1 million liability insurance policy.

Drone Policy

Given the terrain and the focus on event safety, please note that at no time will drones be allowed to cover the event. Drone use may cause the competition to be halted by rally officials.

Media Guidelines

I. (NON‐accredited) Team Photographers/Videographers, Freelancers, Spectators

For safety and insurance reasons, only those meeting the criteria of sections II and III below will be eligible for media credentials. If you are not covered by sections II or III, you are free to photograph or video the event from any unrestricted location for your own personal use. Examples of “personal use” may include, your personal website or blog or personal social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). In addition, you are free to give your work to any publication or to teams for their promotional purposes. If you SELL your work, you must arrange for a filming permit by contacting the Mt. Pinos Ranger District DIRECTLY. Any other use requires the written permission of the Frazier Mountain Rally organizers. If you are unsure, feel free to e‐mail the press officer at


Complete the online Media Credentials Request. You will receive a confirmation of receipt and response from the Press Officer within 24 hours. Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

II. Accredited Media

Accredited Media is defined as persons holding a letter of assignment issued by a recognized media source, print or online, such as those listed by Cision, BurrellesLuce, VOCUS, or an independent agency such as Zuma Press. This includes all media, including photographers, videographers and writers/reporters. This group includes journalists, photographers and videographers who have been appointed to cover this event by the organizers and/or press officer.

III. Event‐approved Media


  • Will be issued a media card and a wristband by the press officer or designated media staff/volunteers during Registration hours.
  • Have access to areas normally closed to the general public, such as event organizer meetings, award ceremonies, and press conferences. They will not have the same unlimited access to the rally course and/or rally stages as photographers and videographers.


  • Will be issued a MEDIA vest, media card, and wristband by the press officer or designated media staff/volunteers during Registration hours.
  • It is understood that photographer’s and videographer’s work is for the exclusive use of the media source which issued his/her letter of assignment. Any other use requires the written permission of the organizers.
  • The issued vest numbers will be provided to the Chief of Controls. Anyone without the correct MEDIA vest, card, and wristband will have their credentials immediately revoked.
  • Allowed to shoot in less restricted portions of the course in a safe manner. However, failure to follow the directions of all event officials at all times will result in immediate revocation of credentials. Photographers and videographers must demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of rally operations to receive credentials.
  • Media vehicles are subject to the same technical inspection and undercarriage wash as volunteer vehicles prior to entering the forest.
  • MUST be in place before the safety car (“00”) enters the stage and remain in place until after the final safety car (“Green Light”) passes their location. Because safety is the ultimate goal of this event, any movement inside this window could result in injury or death. Not abiding by this rule will result in immediate revocation of credentials.

Media Credentials Request Form

Thank you for helping us achieve the goal of a successful first time event back on USFS land!